With a laser focus on the iGaming sector, we deliver expert outsource solutions that streamline operations and drive exceptional performance.


Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing a first-class customer support experience: 24/7 live chat and email support, resolving customer issues, ensuring that every user receives exceptional assistance and prompt resolution to their inquiries.


We offer seamless and secure payment services, catering to our users’ diverse needs with efficiency and reliability, including monitoring, compliance and feedback on payment processing.


Our exceptional trading department provides expert services, delivering unmatched proficiency and strategic insights for an unparalleled sports betting experience.


Our dedicated marketing department takes great pride in nurturing our brand, while tirelessly attracting new clients and fostering lasting relationships through innovative campaigns and strategies.


The IT department is committed to ensuring our system functions flawlessly, employing their expertise to maintain seamless operations and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Our Story


The Beginnings

It all started as a freelance story. As the business grew, a new full time organization was founded in 2019 in a small residential area in Skopje, consisting of Customer Support, Payment and Trading.


The Next Phase

Our team increased, so did our business fields. A new Marketing department was opened, and the next phase of our working was marked by moving our offices to KARO business Center in Skopje.


The New Structure

As we continued our growth and expertise, a new structure and reorganization was needed. We merged both Customer Support and Payment under one Customer Experience department, in order to streamline our operations and to create an outstanding customer experience for our clients.


The Rebranding

After building up a team of highly skilled professionals, our company entered its rebranding stage, taking a new direction in its trajectory towards greatness and success. Our objectives continued to expand, so moving to a new modern workspace in the Synergy Business Center was the next big step.


The Expansion

Following the iGaming industry trends, we introduced 24/7 support to our clients, offering round-the-clock access to our dedicated support team, ensuring their inquiries are addressed promptly.
We are currently working on an additional office expansion and improved setup, which will have an even greater effect on employees’ performance and well-being.


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